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We are excited to announce the collaboration between Cue Africa and KitHub (Knowledge & Impact Trade Hub) Burundi, an innovation and social impact hub based in Bujumbura, Burundi. The collaboration will have an initial duration of one year during which KitHub (Knowledge & Impact Trade Hub) Burundi will provide Cue Africa with Burundian students and organizational staff to be trained. Cue Africa will work and coordinate with KitHub (Knowledge & Impact Trade Hub) Burundi to develop their activities, improve and equip Burundian talent with the technical skills required in the job market.


According to the World Economic Forum estimates that 15 to 20 million young people will join the African workforce every year for the next two decades. By 2030, Africa will be home to more than a quarter of the world’s population under 25, who will make up 60% of the continent’s total population. By then, 15% of the world’s working-age population will be in Africa, and the continent’s urbanized population will exceed 700 million (more than 50%).


What makes these statistics more striking is that Africa will be unleashing this considerable human capital at a time when the rest of the world is getting older. On the other hand, the continent’s economic prosperity and social stability will be inextricably linked to what becomes of these young people.

So while the continent faces unprecedented technological disruption, it also needs to recognize the urgency of this opportunity to drive inclusion and economic growth through the development and adoption of future-ready strategies for education and job creation.

Laying a foundation for the continent’s current and future workforce requires a deliberate policy approach, private sector commitment and institutional reforms. It is vital for all sectors to invest in building skills, not just for today, but to establish a sustainable pipeline of talent to meet future skills needs.

Cue Africa is a product of CUE NETWORK LTD, a privately held digital information company focusing on providing accurate and well researched business insights on African economies. Cue Africa seeks to solve one of the biggest challenges in Africa that is the lack of organized business data and access to real time data analytics on the already collected data. This has hindered the much-desired penetration into the African continent. Cue Africa ideally gives business insights hence enabling investors to make better informed business decisions. Other products of CUE NETWORK LTD are Cue Africa Business Magazine and Cue Analytics Platform.

KitHub (Knowledge & Impact Trade Hub) Burundi  is a platform which aims to train, inform and support the Burundian population in the realization of their projects with particular emphasis on young people with innovative projects. At KIT-Hub, we believe that pooling and networking are the key to innovation and reinvention of the local workforce. KitHub (Knowledge & Impact Trade Hub) Burundi partners with various African NGOs and businesses to support skilling while building its capacity at the same time.

KitHub (Knowledge & Impact Trade Hub) Burundi leverages its core values of innovation and technology to build valuable partnerships that generate actionable insights for the organizations they work with. KitHub (Knowledge & Impact Trade Hub) Burundi’s mission is to provide empirical research tools and technology, capacity building through dedicated coaching, mentorship, customized support, connect, and provide opportunities to tap into the African scientific research networks, markets and investors for economic and social development.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Innovation and social impact
  • Reinvention of the local workforce
  • Job creation
  • Sustainable education
  • Talent development
  • Involvement of the diaspora in local development

We are optimistic that this partnership will assist KitHub (Knowledge & Impact Trade Hub) Burundi expand its services. It will help promote our activities, develop and expand relationships with our clients by improving our output that is: production of powerful and insightful business analytics, publishing of insightful research articles as well as providing competitive training in Creative design, digital marketing among others.



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