HealthcareHow The Beyond2020 Initiative is Improving Access To Healthcare Services To Rural Rwandans.

Alestide KabogoFebruary 4, 20233709 min
Source: (PRNewsfoto/Zayed Sustainability Prize)

The Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Beyond2020 campaign held on December 27th 2021, the UAE-led humanitarian effort, has recently entered Rwanda, providing essential access to healthcare services to the rural population of more than 20,000 people.

Source: (PRNewsfoto/Zayed Sustainability Prize)

The implementations intends to provide long-term, affordable primary health to Rwanda’s Nyaruguru and Rubavu districts, which rank behind the country’s healthcare access and outcomes.
Beyond2020, founded by the Zayed Sustainability Prize in collaboration with other major organizations, intends to carry on the humanitarian legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan by contributing sustainable technologies and solutions to needy communities throughout the world.

Rwanda is the initiative’s 11th deployment, and it will continue to provide life-changing solutions to a broader range of beneficiaries around the world, using technology for good and supporting inclusive and sustainable development.

“The UAE is happy to support crucial access to healthcare in Rwanda through its humanitarian project, Beyond2020,” said Hazza, H.E. Mohammed Al Qahtani, UAE Ambassador to Rwanda.

The most significant test for global healthcare has been responding to the COVID-19 epidemic. To manage the post-COVID-19 recovery, expanding access to robust and resilient healthcare systems is critical, especially when it comes to overcoming service disruptions.” He added.

“Universal access to health care is one of Rwanda’s biggest priorities,” stated H.E. Emmanuel Hategeka, Rwanda’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.

We appreciate Beyond2020’s and its partners’ participation, which is in line with the Rwandan government’s continued efforts to improve people’s access to a more contemporary and world-class health system.”

Challenges in Access To Primary Healthcare in Rural Areas in Rwanda

Over 80% of Rwandans live in rural areas, where the rugged terrain makes visiting distant health centers difficult. While Rwanda is regarded as a global pioneer in improving health services due to its successful implementation of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), community access to primary health care remains a roadblock to further progress.

Some common illnesses (either preventable or treatable) can become life-threatening in remote rural settings due to limited access to healthcare services, which results into people to seek treatment later and less frequently. Reducing the distance between patients and health centers can boost healthcare utilization and enhance critical health outcomes.

How The Beyond2020 Initiative is Bridging The Gap.

Nurse-entrepreneurs running tech-enabled primary care clinics in underserved areas.

Source: (PRNewsfoto/Zayed Sustainability Prize)

To improve rural access to healthcare, Rwanda’s Ministry of Health (MoH) has signed a public-private partnership agreement with One Family Health (OFH), a renowned worldwide non-profit organization and a Zayed Sustainability Prize 2020 finalist in the ‘Health’ category, to establish clinics in rural communities, and with the initiative’s partners, notably the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, Mubadala Petroleum, and Masdar, have all lent their support.

This is part of Rwanda’s efforts to achieve universal health coverage and enhance health facilities throughout the country.

One Family Health uses entrepreneurial principles to provide primary health care using franchised clinics in underserved areas, leveraging contributions from several government agencies and private partners.

To date, four clinics have been established in underserved areas, four nurses have been empowered and trained in business management, and 12 new jobs have been generated to support the four clinics.

The clinics use a mobile health system (mHealth), allowing nurses to manage service data and patient records electronically, making clinic operations more efficient.

“The Beyond2020 initiative directly aligns with ADFD’s mission to provide strategic financial support and other tools that help developing countries strengthen capacity and build self-sufficiency to achieve high priority economic and social development objectives while advancing UN Sustainable Development Goals,” said H.E Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), a partner of the initiative.

This new project in Rwanda is an outstanding illustration of the practical effects that providing universal healthcare through establishing medical clinics in rural villages can have on people’s lives.”

Beyond2020’s extended humanitarian outreach is critical in helping some of the world’s most vulnerable communities overcome their issues.

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