HealthcareThe Future of Health Tech: What The Coming Years Could Bring?

Alestide KabogoFebruary 1, 20234149 min

“ Covid-19 pandemic undoubtedly speeded up the use of Tech in the health sector, a trend that will likely continue in the coming years.”

Healthcare has progressed at a lightning pace. The sector has produced a number of cutting-edge innovations. Within the same vein, the rise of technology in healthcare continues to flourish even as the shadow of COVID-19 lingers.

That being said, even with advanced technologies and the reams of information they produce, the digital healthcare revolution’s golden years are yet to come. In recent years, the industry has attracted the attention of investors, huge digital companies, and established healthcare providers.


The pandemic has hastened the deployment of digital health technology, accelerating long-term trends that were already underway. As healthcare leaders strive to develop resilient and future-proof healthcare systems, digital transformation is now at the forefront of their minds.

There’s no doubt that the pandemic accelerated the development and implementation of digital health technology at a large scale. The SDGs 2021 report reveals that the pandemic has pushed digital transformations, radically changing how we communicate, learn, and work.

While the topic about how and when COVID-19 will be defeated remains unanswered, what is certain is that the growing investment interest in health technology will continue unabated, not only in the next one or two years, but throughout the rest of the decade and beyond.

The Impact of The Pandemic on Quick Adoption of Tech in Healthcare solutions?

Healthcare systems all over the world were overloaded during the COVID-19 outbreak. All types of eHealth solutions that were already or partially in place or in a testing phase became viable to contact patients, provide services, and relieve immediate stress.

At least in the early stages of the pandemic, the opportunity for large-scale piloting phases emerged, ranging from digital appointments where doctors could chat and monitor patients; to resource planning and better resource management across healthcare systems. This digitalization of healthcare provided a foretaste for both patients and healthcare practitioners.


When COVID-19 first made its rounds worldwide, healthcare providers quickly ramped up their digital healthcare capabilities. Healthcare providers used digital triaging tools to prioritize care while keeping their staff and patients safe.

Telehealth consultations and remote patient monitoring went from being a passing fad to becoming a necessity. Health practitioners identified the need to enhance data exchange and care collaboration across settings as a top priority with limited resources.

Ideally, the innovative ways that have been extremely important in fighting the pandemic have led to new insights focused on what is achievable and contributes to the quality of care provided to patients, rather than a negative, conservative perspective that chokes innovation.

Future Prospects For Tech in Healthcare, As Seen Through The Eyes of Experts.

Healthcare providers are adopting technology to help enhance patient outcomes as the healthcare environment develops. This is especially true when it comes to the treatment of acute and chronic diseases.


Telemedicine and virtual care programs, for example, allow clinicians to remotely monitor patients using sensors that detect vital signs, health records, and other personal information. Therefore, finding more hybrid health-facing solutions could be the way of the future. Challenges will continue to arise regarding the most effective use of Tech in healthcare, but more options are undoubtedly on the way.

The Bottom Line:

The HealthTech industry is vibrant, ever evolving, and at the forefront of innovation. Advancements made today are critical for tomorrow’s healthcare since healthcare continues to bring new opportunities.


With one of the most groundbreaking years in history behind us, the next years to come are likely to keep this momentum going.

As many countries strive to enhance their healthcare systems while adjusting to ever-changing demands, there is an excellent opportunity to incorporate Tech practices into routine healthcare operations and rethink how and where treatment is delivered. Patients are asking for it. Growing staff shortages demand it. And technology makes it possible.

Whatever the world looks like after the Covid-19 pandemic, our healthcare system is expected to change, focusing on a new and developing market, HealthTech (Digital Health).

Alestide Kabogo

Alestide Kabogo is a motivated young Leader with an exceedingly motivation in harnessing the potential of young people on the continent. He is on a mission to create, design, and advocate for youth-friendly solutions as a platform that can easily address the most pressing health challenges and economic opportunities worldwide through a wide range of innovations. He is a more vigorous advocate for youth empowerment programs in sustainability concepts. He believes in the power of young people and what they can achieve when they are provided with the opportunities, skills, and tools. He gets to enjoy digging deep into the difficulties of healthcare in Africa and how they might be addressed. He is highly interested in leveraging his writing skills to communicate scientific, medical, and health-related trends to a broad audience, and the vibrant Africa-wide tech ecosystem. Alestide is straightaway pursuing an honors degree in Global Challenges at the African Leadership University.

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