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Danader NisralFebruary 4, 202345116 min
Source: portalcripto.com.br
Source: portalcripto.com.br

This is a two-parts series that is not only about Star-atlas but also about the metaverse, Nfts and video games.

Some may wonder do we really need the metaverse? do we really need an imaginary world controlled by Tech giants? do we believe this will really make our lives better on the internet? Or on the contrary, will it manipulate our perception of reality.

So after all, you will be able to know everything about the metaverse in this first part of the two parts series.


Metaverse is a greek word which means Beyond for Meta and verse is derived from the universe and this can be depicted as “beyond universe.”

In the metaverse, instead of watching and reading something, you will experience it, doing the actions yourself digitally with other people who want to be part of your experience.

For instance: Imagine You study or work abroad away from your family and loved ones, how would you keep in touch with them?  Through video calls, that’s the closest you can get today, but it’s still not close enough.

Even if you make video calls with your family or loved ones and on their side they are eating Or doing something together, you will still feel left out.

So how is the Metaverse changing this narrative?

In the metaverse you can meet your family in a virtual space and share that food together or play that game together digitally, where real movement and conversation can take place.

The Metaverse not only offers a visual experience but an audio presence as well. This concept is not new, video games have been around for quite some time. Roblox, Fortnite, Grand Theft auto, have built their own virtual in-game world with their own virtual economies, their own virtual currencies, virtual scenarios, virtual characters.

The metaverse may sound the same, but it’s not the genre of video games. It’s “A cyberspace where reality meets imagination”. the characters will be real human beings but in the fictional world.

So almost everything, everywhere, becomes the metaverse, it becomes an inevitable alternative to reality.

Yes, the metaverse can change the world for the better, but it can also exceed its purpose and become a danger to its users.

According to statista, the metaverse could lead to some unintended consequences for users and society at large. Nearly half of the survey respondents perceive addiction to a simulated reality or virtual world as the biggest threat from the metaverse, followed by problems related to privacy and mental health

A lot of interesting applications of this technology are happening right now across all industries for example I believe you watched Arian Grande’s concert, the one made inside the fortnite game created by Epic games,


Same as Travis Scott’s concert that was hosted during the lockdown in the year 2020.

Travis Scott performed a live 10-minute set inside Fortnite. Photograph: Epic Games
Source: Epic Games

Saying what the metaverse really is right now is like saying what the internet was like in the 90s. There was no concept of social networks, content creators, sharing platforms, trading platforms, name it.

In our second part of the two parts series – The Next-Gen Gaming Metaverse, Star Atlas, we shall dig deep into NFTs and finally Star Atlas.

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