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It is true Africa Africa has established a progressing goal to empower women. A female child’s education is now being considered with efforts to ensure they are safe and have everything they need to be competent enough. The step put into this has showcased excellent results, with ” 66% of girls completed their primary education compared to 61% for boys by 2020.” (Martin Armstrong). In this article titled, Massira, figured it all our with female centered support, we write about how Massira does it.


At the lower and higher secondary levels, girls still lag behind males. Still, the disparities have closed over the previous two decades, from 5 percentage points at the lower secondary level to just 2 points and from 6 points at the upper secondary level to 3 in 2020. (Martin Armstrong)

This Proves that we are putting work into female health education and empowerment. Still, truth be told, it only happens in cities, and nobody hardly knows what happens in underprivileged rural areas. Where nobody is educated about the rights of a child to go to school leave alone a female child, there is less knowledge about HIV/AIDS, sanitary education, or even early pregnancies, which have led to early marriages and child labor.

Yes, some N.G.O.s have taken steps to go into the countryside to help and educate the people there, but that’s still not helping that much because they meet with resistance from the local communities, and their engagement is not engaging the targeted people. You can’t go to rural schools to teach about female health education, yet almost no female student is in that school or, even worse, with nearly no plans.

All these facts are for ongoing students, we are not even sure if these students are adequately taught about their health education, especially females, and those are the ones in classes what about those girls and women left outside with no idea of what’s going on out there?

Leave alone misinformation, and inappropriate treatment pose a threat to the young female child. The parents aren’t educated enough to help their children or even care for themselves.

Now, Here comes Massira, the Heroine.

Massira is a leading female-centered support community. Its primary focus is on increasing women’s access to reliable health information and associated services by creating a secure environment that encourages open communication and is dedicated to teaching, connecting, and empowering women to improve health outcomes in Africa.

The word Massira means journey, march, or procession. This initiative does everything for a noble cause, a cause that tackles the issues of unreliable misinformation about the health education of a female. 

Every African woman and female child is a target for easy access to health information and services regardless of their economic status. 

As with the new S.D.G.s (Sustainable development goals), Massira comes bearing solutions to; Good health and well-being, gender equality, and partnerships for the goals where unwavering support systems have been created with companies and NGOs to help interact with and support the target audience.  

This being in the plan, Massira has been able to offer training to most girls and women in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. With the help of Self-Help International, half of the 500 targeted women and girls were trained and handed the funds to the appropriate authorities to help distribute and teach the women in that region.

The support continued regardless of the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. In partnership with Ecotowels, community outreaches were organized to provide sanitary hygiene products to 135 female head porters in Agbogbloshie and also used this as an opportunity to have a one-on-one with these women to comprehend their hygiene practices, particularly during their periods, as well as their health concerns and offer health advice.

Massira has been able to offer reusable sanitary hygiene products that could cater to their menstrual hygiene for close to 4 years. This is fantastic progress and shows that Massira is the heroine of the females in Ghana and Africa.

Being able to contact someone who is in the right field and ask for consultation is one of the offers given by Massira. Many cases have proven to be treated well by people in this initiative, being sexual abuse to menstrual cycle sanitary to free advice and healthy lifestyle education have helped more than enough people to have a smile full of joy for a healthy life their living. Below are some of the testimonies.

We have a long way to go with female health education, but Massira is the start of something great. We call upon other NGO’s to offer a helping hand to those in need of the hand. Female health education is a right we owe to our sisters and mothers, and we don’t have to take away their innocence and their right to education for better health.

Massira has paved the way to uplift women and offer education about health and sanitary education. Together we will live a healthy life and a gender-balanced inclusion in our communities. Female Centered Support and health education should be a right and a goal to be achieved for all.

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