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A healthy life brings healthy smiles, and that’s what we want. But we are in Africa; a place called out to have one of the poorest health sectors; truth be told, we all know that. We understand how behind we are in becoming close to perfection in this industry, But that hasn’t stopped us from doing what we need to do to pave the way for the one good healthcare sector. In this article, titled, Wiiqare – The golden path to healthcare in Africa, we dig deep into another African healthtech startup breaking barriers on the continent.

A health start-up that started as an application created by Bienvenue Zigabe has proven to be more than just an App. It is the Golden path to the future of Healthcare with benefits that impact not only the people but also the healthcare system of a country and Africa. This is done by connecting health providers, patients, and payers in a well-developed and organized chain of lines. 

WiiQare believes everyone should have early Access to healthcare in order to have a healthier life, which can be done by saving for your Healthcare earlier.

Key Objectives of WiiQare:
  • To improve Access to care, quality of care, and foster Innovation.
  • To tackle the issue of poor, unprepared, and delayed Healthcare that may arise in the future, WiiQare helps empower people to save money that can be used when they need medical attention that was unprepared or would have been delayed. People need a better way to access Healthcare, and there is no better way than having someone who has thought about that for you and made clear all the arrangements for you to be treated without any exclusions. This has led to the birth of new ideas to provide better Healthcare in relation to technology.

The network of top healthcare providers, together with their expertise and knowledge, offers optimism for an improvement in the standard of Healthcare for people throughout Africa. All of this is part of a strategy for promoting Innovation that involves connecting healthcare professionals, patients, and payers in Africa and internationally in order to transfer values and facilitate Healthcare.

Africa’s healthcare systems are highly inefficient. Disruptions in the supply chains for medical supplies, medications, and finance are problems that affect several countries on the continent.

However, technological advancements in telemedicine, drones, big data analytics, wearables, and information management have raised the prospect of practical, cost-effective solutions that might enhance overall health outcomes.

This shows that WiiQare is on the roadmap to being one of the best Technological Innovations that will boost the Healthcare industry in Africa.

Most Africans, mostly the underprivileged and middle class, rely on underfunded public health facilities. But with digital technology, WiiQare could assist in making unsustainable healthcare systems sustainable, equalize the interaction between people and medical personnel, and offer less expensive, quicker, and more efficient ways to treat diseases.

How Does WiiQare work?

WiiQare has set up easy steps for its customers to use as stated below:

  • Create an account – which is simple and is kept secured by a pin.
  • Decide how much you want to save for health – and we will help you achieve your goal and start health savings.
  • Get rewards by saving – reach your monthly savings goal and refer friends, all these are ways to be used to gain points, and these points can be used to pay for your health bills.
  • Make payment- easy use a QR code for this is fast.

With WiiQare, you can send and receive money for healthcare from friends, family, and colleagues. This is more than being a Golden egg everyone is chasing for. Everyone needs to buckle up and invest in themselves for the future of our health.

We can’t deny the fact that we are moving closer and closer to a tech enabled world. The long lines and recording of names before a consultation with a doctor are soon to be dropped out. And then what? Everything is going digital for easy Access to Healthcare without delay or lack of money to pay for what you saved for yourself from day one.

It’s now time to call upon other supporters and NGO’s to come and support these start-ups like WiiQare because they care enough to defy the norms that are not helping the people they intended to help.

According to the World Health Organisation, it is stated that “Less than half of Africa’s citizens (52%) – some 615 million people – have access to the healthcare they need, the continent’s quality of health services is generally poor, and the family planning needs of half the continent’s women and girls are unmet.”

 ‘Only 48% in Africa get needed healthcare services. And according to new reports, healthcare coverage and quality are both poor in African nations, which is the truth, and in need of new ways to address this issue. Tech start-ups emphasizing Healthcare are more than welcome, and that’s why WiiQare is more than welcome.

WiiQare has started a marathon that will help pull investors, health providers, and people into a shared health system that offers more than enough breakthroughs in how health systems work. We need this, You need this, and we all need this for a better and unified health system.

Fred Shema

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