BlockchainFinancial marketsStocksAre Digital Stocks The Future of The African Stocks Market?

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Real world stocks can be tokenized into digital stocks which can be easily transferred using peer-to-peer blockchain technology hence facilitating the buying and selling of these stocks. These digital stocks act similar to digital currency whose price is real time and fluctuates. Stocks exchanged completely peer-to-peer could resolve many of the issues facing the stock market today, including high frequency trading and short sales.

BlockchainWeb 3.0Which Sectors of African Economies Are Likely To Be Disrupted by Web 3.0 tech? – Part Two

admin 2 months ago
Energy Industry One of the main uses of blockchain in energy related applications is in microgrids. A microgrid is a localized set of electric power sources and loads integrated and managed with the objective of enhancing energy production and consumption efficiencies and reliabilities as stated by

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