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CueAfrica Business Magazine – First Edition


It’s a time of extra-ordinary growth and change across the African continent -increasingly
enlightened business communities and an army of creative entrepreneurs are driving the
competitive strength of the continent.
At Cue, we are strong believers in Africa and are privileged to cover the full spectrum of its diverse and dynamic opportunities ranging from
Agriculture, Art & Design, Energy, Financial Markets, Real Estate, Fintechs, Oil and Gas, Tourism and many others across the continent. This is a
herculean task for which we pour tremendous passion, effort and time, with the commitment to our readers to do it accurately and excellently.
At its core, Cue Africa is all about connecting the world’s decision makers to accurate information on Africa, covering its growth and businesses.
We do this in a variety of ways, but the emphasis is on giving readers business and financial data, news and business insights and strategies
while focusing on the sectors, personalities and companies, both big and small, that are driving unprecedented change across the continent.
Ultimately, Cue Africa’s role is to inform and inspire. We do hope you find our 1st edition worthwhile.




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